Chernick Computer and Software Services - Information Technology (IT) in West Los Angeles

We are re branding!

Over the next 5 or 6 weeks this website will be undergoing major changes (think reconstruction). Chernick Computer and Software Services is becoming Chernick Consulting. Instead of a hand built website our site will be done in Drupal. We are replacing our friendly computer nerd and sick computer logo with an artistically designed logo. Instead of focusing on computer maintenance, repair, backup with disaster recovery and managed services we will be focusing on our real strengths which are Website Development and Software Engineering/Development. Where we are located will no longer matter as much because we can service clients throughout the USA (actually the entire english speaking world). Down below where it says we can't make your computer do cooking or laundry will change because given the proper robotic equipment we can even make your computer do laundry or cook.

Where we are and what we do.

Chernick Consulting is located in West Los Angeles near the Wilshire Boulevard off ramp from the 405 freeway. We service all of Los Angeles County. We provide a professional level of computer and network support to small or medium businesses, and individual professionals who prefer not to have a full time IT staff. We service clients with under 50 computers. We are a full IT outsourcing organization that can help you make your computers do anything you want it to (except cook or do laundry). We have a great deal of experience following corporate policies and procedures and will gladly supply IT services for larger organizations with branch offices in Los Angeles.

We understand that your business is extremely important to you. We take care of the technology portion of your business so that you can take care of the rest of your business.

We want to help you grow your business by providing you with a strong base to grow from, and removing as many roadblocks as possible.

We also develop and design websites for the internet or your intranet. We are experienced at office automation and process improvement. We can help you make your office more efficient and productive.

Our CEO and lead consultant has over 27 years experience in software engineering and development and 14 years experience of Website development.